Friday, July 5, 2013

Learning to Tie a Bowtie: The Single Worst Way to Spend the 4th of July

I hope you all had a wonderful, lovely, firework-filled, not too hot July 4th. Here, it was HOTTT and hubs and I had to finish rounding up all of the accoutrements and trappings he needed for a friend's wedding (which happens to be tonight). While on the upside we got to spend some time in the air-conditioned mall, it was looking at men's accessories, so not too much fun. We ended up buying hubby a non-pre-tied bowtie, because with his electric blue linen suit (seriously), he decided that he also needed a snazzy bowtie (also not kidding). 
Ladies, let me just emphasize here that learning to tie a bow tie was the single most painful thing I've ever had to do, and that the level of discomfort tops that caused by shoe shopping, bathing suit shopping, childbirth, or a brazilian wax. While I would say skip the regualr bow tie and go for the pre-tied, everyone knows that they are pretty much for those under the age of 10 and don't look nearly as cool as the real thing. Plus knowing how to tie many different kinds of ties is a life skill, and you (and the men in your life) should totally know how to do it.
That said, no one in my immediate family or (local) circle of friends knew how to tie this thing, so we turned to the answer machine interwebs. After several incredibly frustrating attempts to figure the whole process out through picture tutorials and youtube videos with hands in the way, we finally found a single good video and after several views and about a half an hour of practice, we got it (now hubs can do it better than I can, so I don't have to...whew!).
Here's the video. You're welcome.

We did do other stuff for the 4th of July too. We had a picnic and played some baseball at the Legion field near our house. We went swimming at my folks'. And of course, we watched the Twilight Zone marathon, at least for a while. Here's to hoping your holiday was just as much fun (and productive too)!

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